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Tonight Wilco Will Love You, Baby

Catch Wilco tonight on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (12:35 PM EST – holy cow, that’s late!).

You’ll have to power through Craig’s first guest, Rosie O’Donnell, to enjoy the music.

But if history serves, then it ought to be well worth the wait.

Well, huh…

Some nugget of news, here. The life of Keith Richards is baffling. Is it real? The stuff of legend? A bit of both, probably. A short piece in today (which I learned about thanks to GJC) states that the 66 year old Rolling Stones guitarist hasn’t had a drink in four months. This is not the baffling part (though maybe it is to folks who know Richards). A couple other remarks in the article do baffle. Like this one: “He has always quite enjoyed the fact that he seemed to be able to carry on drinking as much as he liked with no real negative impact on his health.”  How has he pulled this off? But perhaps more interesting, funny, and again perplexing is the fact that Richards apparently had a brain haemorrhage four years ago, at age 62, from which he fully recovered, because he fell out of a tree while partying on the island of Fiji. He was presumably drinking then. But that’s not what compelled him to lay off the sauce now. Instead, it’s been watching his bandmate, Ronnie Wood, start drinking again, break up with his wife of 23 years, and shack up with a 21 year old cocktail waitress. It perhaps wouldn’t be surprising if both events — the brain haemorrhage and Wood’s drinking and lovelife — would bring pause to Richards’s life. But, at least according to the information in the article, it appears that he continued to drink after the haemorrhage. That the physical (and presumably serious) impact of the brain haemorrhage as a result of partying (which presumably involved drinking while climbing trees) did not spark Richards’s abstinence from booze, but the observation of a friend’s behavior has, perhaps is surprising. It is interesting, at the very least, that Richards’s perception of another person’s actions impelled this (significant?) decision instead of his own experience of physical breakdown.

Billy G.

Bill Gates

Mr. Bill Gates, moments before getting hit by a pie in 1998…(not really related to my post, but I just thought it was funny!)

Here we are 12 years latter and many so called computer revolutions have passed, in just twelve years!  Just the other day, Mr. Gates joined the rank and file of Twitter users and was immediately befriended by over 100k users.  Ironic that the man who helped usher in one of the first computer revolutions is now just a “user” in the continueing expansion of technology in our society.  I wonder what Mr. Gates thinks of the upcoming Apple release? It will surely be the iTablet, yet another “revolution” that will supposedly change the way we communicate.  Has technology become a fad? Has each micro generation felt the need to create there own new version of the bell bottom?  Back in the early nineties, all the rage was server technology with the client being a dumb terminal.  Then came along the all powerful PC and the thought of a wimpy client that could access information on the server died.  Now we are back full circle with the advent of cloud computing and many touting the death of the PC, and Mr. Gates has just helped by jumping into Twitter.   No longer will you hear the words dumb client in reference to your iPhone, Blackberry, etc. but that is exactly their purpose, store nothing, compute nothing, get everything from the server (now renamed the “cloud”).  How long will it last?  How long before the PC centric view comes back?  And what does this say about our society?  Everything will be stored in the “cloud”….  Are we moving to a more socialistic system that values the whole more than the individual?