3 thoughts on “Allow me to introduce…

  1. andykorki

    Just confirming registration….Will post more this evening when I have time! Almost didn’t get out of the house this morning. 5 fire trucks and a couple ambulances blocking my entire street (next door neighbor was stuck in her driveway, I was able to squeeze out of mine). No fire, but I think maybe some kind of gas leak with neighbors across the street.

  2. andykorki

    Hey, can we change it so we call can approve posts? I agree that we want moderation on so other people can’t just start putting stuff up, but I just tried to approve my last comment and it would not let me.

  3. andykorki

    Hey, T, I was looking for something that made it much more apparent that comments were made. Since you gave me admin rights, I can change the look of the blog….I did and now I can’t find the original template. Apologies if you wanted it, but my issue was that it didn’t show comments. This one does, but many other do as well. Feel free to change! Now, I’ll actually try to post something interesting!


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