Daily Archives: 7 February 2010

Oh Rahm…are you “fucking retarded?”

Rahm Emanuel.Oh Rahm, using the “R” word…really?  C’mon that’s as bad as the “N” word.  And the “O” word.  The “O” word, you ask?  Well, it ain’t orgasm or orangutan.   Oriental, of course.  However, my own mother still loves it. Rahm, you still have a special place in my political heart but watchayoulanguage!

below is from The Guardian

Rahm Emanuel. Photograph: Reuters/Jim Young

Rahm Emanuel, the ­famously foul-mouthed enforcer in the Obama administration, is learning the hard way the meaning of contrition. Not only has he been forced to apologise for his unfortunate use of the phrase “fucking retarded” in a recent West Wing meeting, but he has now invited a delegation from the Special Olympics to visit him at the White House to hear him take the “R-word pledge”