Apple and Eve?

Is the name of Apple’s upcoming tech wonder, “iPad,” really the best that Steve Jobs and his marketeers had?

In a short piece called “iPad: Apple’s Way of Reaching out to Women?” Shereen Meraji offered the following snippet a few weeks ago: “I’m assuming there were no women on the naming team at Apple. Because, hey, when women hear or read the word pad, we think Kotex and cramps. I wouldn’t mind the name so much if I could buy one at my local CVS.”

The prescient writers at Mad TV saw this potential name blunder back in 2006.

1 thought on “Apple and Eve?

  1. wildbillyscircusstory

    Ms. Meraji befuddlement over the name “Ipad” for a product in no way matches my puzzlement over naming a spice “cumin”.


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