Apple and Eve?

Is the name of Apple’s upcoming tech wonder, “iPad,” really the best that Steve Jobs and his marketeers had?

In a short piece called “iPad: Apple’s Way of Reaching out to Women?” Shereen Meraji offered the following snippet a few weeks ago: “I’m assuming there were no women on the naming team at Apple. Because, hey, when women hear or read the word pad, we think Kotex and cramps. I wouldn’t mind the name so much if I could buy one at my local CVS.”

The prescient writers at Mad TV saw this potential name blunder back in 2006.


One thought on “Apple and Eve?

  1. wildbillyscircusstory

    Ms. Meraji befuddlement over the name “Ipad” for a product in no way matches my puzzlement over naming a spice “cumin”.


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