Daily Archives: 23 February 2010

Who F’ing Pays?

Do folks really pay $12,627.20 for a first class seat opposed to $1,585.20 for a seat in economy on a roundtrip international flight?  Granted, on a twenty hour flight, it must be mighty nice to have an actual full body-length “bed,” with relative privacy and quiet, special food, videos and all that jazz.  But do the people who end up in first class on these long flights actually pay the full fare that I’m seeing on an airline’s website?  Are these people flying on upgrades from miles they’ve accrued?  Are corporations generally footing these bills (e.g., GMC perking their senior staff)?  Is everyone in first class who is not a CEO of some major corporation a movie or rock star?  Who the hell is up there?!

I’d like to give first class a try someday, no question.  But at a cost of roughly 118% higher than the economy fares I’ve come to know, it’s unlikely to happen any time soon.

Hmpf…for the time being I’ll just have to keep busting my hump to get that coveted exit row seat.

Anyone here ever flown first class?

Was it worth the cost?

Who paid for it?