2 thoughts on “Ritual, Sacrifice, and Stardust

  1. wildbillyscircusstory

    I preferred part one of this story to part two, but confess I found both parts intriguing. I know nothing of the Religion Dispatches website, but it seems like a very creative outlet for discussing religious issues in the context of modernity. The New Testament quotes contained in the Ziggy piece cause me to suspect the author’s intent centered on demonstrating a 20th Century construct of the same forces that propelled Jesus and Christianity into one of the world’s foremost religions. Putting aside any similarities between the two stories (i.e. Ziggy betrayed by his own bandmates) the real phenomena here seems to be the followers, not the actors themselves. The older women in the video, not Ziggy-acolytes but instead curious onlookers, struck me as something that probably formed a sizeable portion of Jesus’ audience.

    Then again, I have a history of getting stuff like this totally wrong.

  2. peashoot Post author

    I, too, liked the first part best. Part II seems to end abruptly, without having said all that much, apart, that is, from Dery’s homoerotic musings on his youthful viewings of Ziggy.

    As for the religious reformers and their followers, I think you’re spot on. Charisma is a two-way street, not just a quality of the head personality. Without the followers, there would be no religious reformers.


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