2 thoughts on “NFL from riches to rags

  1. peashoot

    I knew there were some pretty dunderheaded ballplayers out there. But Pippen comes as something of a surprise to me upon reading this list. I guess just seeing him in the same “smarts company” as Latrell Sprewell is somewhat jarring. Some of the others seem no-brainers: John Daly, sure. Lenny Dykstra, of course. And Tyson, well, come on. But Scottie?

  2. wildbillyscircusstory

    Too much, too fast. The problem for these guys is they seem to think this type of cash flow will continue forever. Dykstra actually hit it big as a financial analyst, then everything he touched turned to…you know. Pippen? Remember Scottie Pippen Dodge on Western Avenue? He took a bath on that.

    This brings up a larger issue with athletes. George Will, robust conservative that he is, says he agrees with Karl Marx’s Labor Theory of Value when it comes to athletes: they create the value, they should get the money (as opposed to owners). I’m with Mr. well-scrubbed George on this one…they should get every penny. Especially football players, who basically sacrifice their long-term health to play that violent game. These guys need to set up these enormous paydays into annual annuities — that way when they are 65 they still draw on those lavish contracts. But when you want a private jet, I guess the temptations are too much.


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