No Squirrels Allowed!


Dear Friends of Macey,

Our puppa turned 13 years old today! She’s healthy, still swift of paw, and just as sweet as the last time you saw her. Below are some photos of her party this afternoon (balloons are not annual fare for her birthday, but this one seemed a bit more noteworthy than the rest thus far; the frosty paws ice cream you see her lapping up is the standard birthday treat).

2 thoughts on “No Squirrels Allowed!

  1. wildbillyscircusstory

    Happy Birthday Macey!!!

    Curious timing, since just last week the wife and I were comparing and contrasting Macey to our MacArthur. Needless to say, Macey was the better dog on all accounts. Let me revise that…Macey displays more appropriate doggie behavior than our fair pup. Not to say that we don’t adore all 120 pounds of Mac, but his incessant barking, refusal to let me lead the walk and generalized crazed behavior stand in stark contrast to the divine Miss M. But I will say this for Mac — he leaves the bread and nuts left out for the squirrels alone, something we could never say about Macey during my tenure as her foster parent. Mac’s recogition of the squirrel’s hegemony in Manor Park contributes to a begrudginly peaceful atmosphere. But the squirrels take no chances and have been clandestinely stock-piling weapons in the event Macey returns or finds a willing canine to engane in a proxy war on her behalf.

  2. Scott

    Awww, Happy belated birthday Macey! We r pup- sitting a 13 year old (Molly) this weekend, and she’s slowed down quite a bit from when we met her 4 years ago, but still up for a little chase now and again. Macey’s svelte frame is a bonus, as Molly definitely has a bit more of the arthritis battle to fight.


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