One Curse at a Time

It’s a gorgeous, sun-kissed day here in Chicago and Wildbilly has a big day ahead of him. At 3:10 he’ll be sitting up the right field line at beautiful Wrigley Field watching his suprisingly resurgent Cubs take on their hated rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals and their omnipotent slugger, Albert Pujols. The Cubs floundered in April and early May despite playing the weakest schedule in baseball. Despair and resignation reigned on the North Side as the Cubs looked at their upcoming schedule stacked with excellent clubs: Dodgers, Rangers, Rockies and Phillies. Leading into yesterday’s game, the boys in blue were a surprising 7-3 during this stretch, including two shutout victories over Los Angeles, who entered the series as the hottest hitting team in the National League. Yesterday’s loss to the Cardinals was more depressing than usual, with our starting pitcher failing to register a single out before being pulled from the game. Here’s hoping they raise the “W” flag over Wrigley today.

As the Cubs try to wrench their way back to respectiblity, another Chicago team stands on the precipice of greatness. Like their counterparts on the North Side, the Chicago Blackhawks are the dubious owners of the longest streak in their sport without a championship (1961). Tonight they begin their quest for the Stanley Cup against the Broad Street Bullies, the Philadelphia Flyers. Hawks-mania has gripped the city and it’s virtually impossible to turn on a radio or walk by a bar without hearing the campy, 1960’s Blackhawk Theme song:

If they manage to exorcise their championship demons, could the Cubs…dare I say…be far behind? While it won’t approach the magnitude of a Cubs’ Series victory, seeing the boys skate around the United Center ice with Stanley Cup in hand would be a welcome sight to these eyes. They’ve even outfitted Michael Jordan to commemorate the occassion.

2 thoughts on “One Curse at a Time

  1. peashoot

    Whew! Some game. I hadn’t watched a fast-paced, high-scoring hockey game like that one in a long time, since the Stars were the North Stars, playing in Minnesota probably. Twas a good day and night for Chicago (almost all around, since the White Sox played the Rays, in Tampa, and lost 5-8).

    P.S. Kobe is at it yet again in the NBA, leading the Lakers to another finals. I’ve said it to you before, and I’ll say it again, knowing that you will not allow yourself to agree on grounds not of skill but of character: Kobe is the best there is in the game today, since Jordan. At 13 years in the NBA, he’ll likely soon be eclipsed by LeBron James, but for now, he is quite a remarkable baller.

  2. wildbillyscircusstory Post author

    Oh, I can admit he’s the best in the game. He’s clutch. But I just don’t like the guy. The fact that he plays for the Lakers seals it.


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