Dreamtime, à la Claes Oldenberg

Lately I’ve been dreaming with disproportionate perception. Here’s a snap I captured from my dreamtime wanderings last night, when I viewed the world of objects like I imagine Claes Oldenberg does.

[The image is actually a photo of Giancarlo Neri’s “The Writer,” which sat for several months at Hampstead Heath park in London. It was perhaps my favorite place to hang out during my stay there in 2008. Click on the image to enlarge – it’s much better bigger.]

3 thoughts on “Dreamtime, à la Claes Oldenberg

  1. wildbillyscircusstory

    That’s pretty sweet. Is it a permanent fixture in the park or a special exhibit.

  2. peashoot Post author

    It was temporary. I think it went back to Italy after about five-six months. It sat in a small valley surrounded by hills on one side and woods on the other; when you approached hillside, walking the trail to the top, you couldn’t see the piece until you were about to descend the hill into the valley. With the trees behind it (and people beneath it, if people were there), it looked so wonderfully strange at first glance. For me the wonder remains even in photos of it. It’s at once comprehensible because everything in view is well known yet puzzling on account of its arrangement (a desk in the middle of a park!?) and size. I also enjoy outdoor sculpture. You are very close to one of my all-time favorite sculpture parks: the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park at Governors State University just south of Chicago (relation to Barry unknown). http://www.govst.edu/sculpture/

  3. wildbillyscircusstory

    That park looks great; it would make a nice day trip. Do they allow dogs?


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