5200 Naked Peeps – all for art

Why am I always the last to know?

Did you guys know about this?

Would you have participated?

VIDEO: Mardi Gras: The Base.

You’ll have to follow the link for video.  I tried to embed a YouTube video but YouTube doesn’t allow for frontal nudity for the public.  You have to sign in to see it all.

Please Note when watching: “Along Came Polly”  Hank Azaria, Claude the snorkeling instructor –  ” it’s like zee story of zee hippo.”

3 thoughts on “5200 Naked Peeps – all for art

  1. wildbillyscircusstory

    This guy has been around for a while. He did one of these shoots at a Phish concert. My participation would have been doubtful; the last time I disrobed in public it didn’t work out so well.

  2. peashoot

    Am I awfully juvenile for wondering if anyone at this event, participating or observing, was aroused? I can’t tell from the image or video.


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