C’mon LeBron

Who doesn’t want Sir James? But does Chicago have a viable shot at him? Twould be nice for those of us who haven’t enjoyed Chicago roundball since MJ left the game. It does, however, seem as though LeBron is too enamored by the prospect of playing with the “Brooklyn Nets,” for Jay-Z no less, to go anywhere other than New York (if not to play for the Nets, then the Knicks also seem like a likely home for LJ).

5 thoughts on “C’mon LeBron

  1. peashoot Post author

    Ah, but how I did I forget Dwyane Wade? He had a second talk with Bulls executives yesterday, according to the NY Times [http://nyti.ms/buIp5A]. His game, more than LeBron’s, evokes the roundball stylings of MJ, which makes him all that more appealing as an addition to what is already a nicely positioned, young team. It’s amazing to me, but folks are talking (seriously?) about Wade and James possibly ending up on the same team after this free agency is over. That just augurs trouble, I think. It also perhaps equals a title or two, but also trouble nonetheless. In any case, I’d really like to see Wade in Chicago, with or without James. The team and city (it’s his hometown, no?) seem to suit him.

  2. wildbillyscircusstory

    I’d like to see Wade in a Bulls uniform, but I’m ambivalent about LeBron. He’s arguably the best in the game right now, but something about taking him from Cleveland doesn’t sit well with me. I hope he stays put.

  3. peashoot Post author

    Taking him away from Cleveland?! This is business, mon ami. Besides, LeBron is too big for Cleveland. I know that it’s his hometown and all, but he’ll be a New Yorker, Chicagoan, or whatever-er, not a Clevelander, weeks after he settles into a new contract.

  4. wildbillyscircusstory

    Well, of course it’s a business; that’s why staying in Cleveland would be such a dramatic move: a demonstration of soul in a world of maximizing profit. Odd thing for a committed capitalist to say, for sure. People often misquote the Christian Bible, saying “money is the root of all evil” wherein it actually says “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.” The dollar figures being thrown around are staggering; if he goes just for the money, it will be for the LOVE of money, not necessarily a desire to win championships.

    Cleveland is without question the longest suffering sports town in America. The city has not had one championship since Jim Brown ran the ball for the 1964 Browns. In the intervenining forty six years they’ve endured misery so awful it earned a title (The Drive; The Fumble; The Shot) and that doesn’t include the heartwrenching 1997 World Series loss (one of the greatest Series ever!) and Art Modell’s taking the Browns to Baltimore…and they won the Super Bowl a couple years after the relocation! If LeBron stays put, it would represent a historic “victory” for the town. Look for a huge celebration if he stays…

    Oh, and if it were my money, I’d rather have Kobe. I don’t like the guy on a personal level, but he’s clutch.

  5. wildbillyscircusstory

    Miami? Really? I already loathed every pro and college team in the state of Florida. Amp up the hate…


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