Eye of the World

So, a while back I referenced the enormous Eye scultpure scheduled for erection in Chicago.  Well, they did it.  The Chicago Tribune online posted a three minute documentary on the project.  Pretty cool stuff; I liked the Wisconsin “assembly plant”.  Maybe Peashoot should take a sabbatical and lend his labor for a year!  Anyhow, cool stuff:

2 thoughts on “Eye of the World

  1. peashoot

    Thanks for this! I love it. What an interesting change of pace this work must have been for the folks at the manufacturing plant in Sparta, WI. I can get sabbaticals for a number of things, and believe me when I say that I’d be all over an offer to sculpt HUGE objects; but alas I don’t think my provost will approve a leave to make giant stuff. At the very least, I might have to cancel my classes at the end of one week this semester to make the trip to Chicago to see the eye before it comes down on October 31. That’s a short run. I wonder if the piece will be auctioned off afterward. It would look great next to Snowy Ramone version.2011 in our yard this winter. Think Macey would ever warm up to it?

  2. wildbillyscircusstory Post author

    Witnessing its construction (from the vantage of the el as I ride by at night) has been pretty neat. It’s nowhere near where I work, but I’ll be strolling down there once they remove the final barrier fences. DEFINITELY cancel class and come out to view it; you know you have a place to stay, as does the rest of the family if you want to make it a group outing. As for Macey, I think she’d treat it with benign neglect.


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