Glenn Beck on Religion

It’s Glenn Beck hour over at Religion Dispatches this week. Read on!

Glenn Beck’s ‘Social Justice’ Heresies: Why Beck’s Mangled Theology Isn’t The Concern For Liberals,” by Sarah Posner

Glenn Beck Takes on Liberation Theology: An Interview With Serene Jones,” by Elijah Prewitt-Davis

Glenn Beck’s Cheap Grace: The Bible Sounds More Like James Cone Than Glenn Beck,” by Karyn Carlo

2 thoughts on “Glenn Beck on Religion

  1. nmontague

    I think the writers might have more credibility if they actually addressed what Glenn said and didn’t put up straw men. I mean where on earth did Glenn say, even try to imply, that “Jesus was an inconsiderate cad” or that “Matthew 25 was actually written by Joseph Stalin”?

    It’s quite the opposite. He has been encouraging individuals to provide charity for one another. How can we have productive discussions in society if people are unwilling to be honest about what the others have to say? How can we progress anywhere if we create straw men about what one another has said and try to poison the well?

    I just find it difficult to accept people’s claims that someone is lying when they have to completely misrepresent what that person said in order to make their argument.

  2. Karyn Carlo

    Did you read my article? I addressed each of Beck’s claims, I hope in an honest way.


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