En route to Vondelpark

Following the workweek in Bonn, I had the good fortune to spend four nights in Amsterdam. I’ll not belabor EMP’s fair readers with a gallery of photos from that stay (there are lots of good ones, though!).

Instead, I’d like to share a short video clip of a couple talented buskers I stumbled upon while ambling toward Vondelpark (picture on the left) to have a look at the sun worshipers. Doesn’t the musician on the left look a bit like a huskier, left-handed version of Slowhand? Fifty bucks goes to the person who can identify the instrument that the guy on the right is playing.

6 thoughts on “En route to Vondelpark

  1. Scott

    That sounds great! I don’t know what the instrument on the right is, but it looks like a Mandolin cut off at the bottom.

    Where will you be posting your gallery of pics? Flickr? Looking forward to seeing them.

  2. Scott Mersy

    So, where are you storing your photos from this trip (and others)? Somewhere online where I can peruse, I hope.

  3. Scott

    I use Flickr, but lots of folks use Picasa Web Albums (by Google) because it’s completely free…

  4. Justin Gurnsey

    yo the instrument is an electric Dulcimer and he is also using a Roland hand sonic and a Boss rc2 maybe it’s a rc20. Here is a link to the actually performers web page. Dude can jam tough


    Hope this helps you out and you can give the fifty bucks to the next busker you see

    Peace and Love Through Music

  5. peashoot Post author

    Excellent! Thanks, Justin! And thanks for redirecting the “prize money” to the next busker I see. Very cool to know about Lindsay Buckland, too.


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