Oh the Hypocrisy

Maybe we should start a blog calling out the “Hypocrite(s) of the Day”. Sure does seem like it runs wild. Jon Stewart explores how Obama is blamed for the budget deficit, yet a big potential solution can not possibly be considered.

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4 thoughts on “Oh the Hypocrisy

  1. peashoot

    Love the idea of a “Hypocrite of the Day” blog. I think I’ve got one that fits the theme, although I admit the author’s position is not as clear as Jon Stewart’s is in the clip you linked (btw, I can never get The Daily Show to embed in the blog – don’t know why). Read it just this morning, on http://300songs.com/ (the blog by Camper Van Beethoven’s frontman, David Lowery). Not only does he take The Red Hot Chili Peppers to task (for playing a show “full of stupid double entendres and flat footed funk that only a drunk UT Pi Chi might find revelatory”) but he questions the artistry of rockers who sell their music at Starbucks, including the rock titans Sonic Youth http://1l2.us/E3

    And, in the comments section an EMP favorite, Wilco, comes up:

    “…which also doesn’t take away from my point. if your NEW ALBUM can be played in starbucks it probably sucks. it’s not the good groundbreaking wilco record that got sold in starbucks. it’s the later er uh.. we’ll you get what i’m talking about.”

  2. wildbillyscircusstory

    Yes, pretty hilarious and fair. But, if I might be so bold: wouldn’t the best way to lower the deficit be to repeal the tax cuts and put at least a temporary moritorium on spending? This is the problem with Washington: whoever has the power loves to spend, spend, spend.


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