Sorry, I have to make one more quick post….I’m a big fan of Ira Glass and he recently ran a story about a guy who had a really hard time with an Apple iPhone and it hit home.  I bought a MacBook Pro about 8 months ago.  It recently broke, and when I went to the Apple store I fought for 2-3 minutes to get to the Genius Bar, and I was immediately asked if I had an appointment.  I didn’t, and quickly I was informed that the next appointment was in two hours.  I stormed out, telling a few people not to buy Apple computers (ok, maybe I was a little more pissed off).  I’m just glad, I haven’t been on facebook for a while!

3 thoughts on “Apple

  1. peashoot

    Do you still own the Apple? How did the MacBook break? I switched over to a MacBook Pro two and half years ago, after years of PCs, and I don’t think I could go back. But I admit that I am really grateful that I haven’t had to deal with the rigmarole and chic shit at the local Apple Store. I didn’t know they called their counter the “Genius Bar”! Too much.

    It’s good to listen to This American Life again. It’s been years. Still funny.

  2. andykorki Post author

    I still do own a useless Apple MacBook Pro. The entire keyboard and trackpad does not work……cost to replace is close to $300. Genius Bar asswipes informed me of my predicament. Appatently after spending almost 2K I was suppose to waste another 300 for the insurance……I didn’t, and now I’m not part of the bar club. Sorry, Mac, but I used you for 8 months and tried to find a development platform but all I could see is objective C and some coffee ass language, not gonna twirl the business world with that. Maybe Ruby can save you, but I doubt it.

  3. wildbillyscircusstory

    Sam loves hers so this surprises me. I have one “Mac” too many, so I think I’m finished for a while.


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