This song is taking over my life

I suppose the sultry images of Ms. Bardot don’t help matters any, but in contrast to a previous life I’m finding greater enjoyment in not knowing the words to a song.

2 thoughts on “This song is taking over my life

  1. peashoot

    I love Serge Gainsbourg’s music. His daughter, Charlotte, is a fine musician, too, not to mention a fetching sight for sore eyes –

    Perhaps along the lines of your desire and/or need not to know the lyrics of this song, I think my initial and enduring attraction to vocal-less jazz and instrumental music (à la Tortoise, portions of CVB’s and FZ’s oeuvres, loads of Indian music, etc) was and is the freedom of thought I get to construct my own narratives for the songs within the sound structures they provide. I often do this unconsciously, which is nice because I can work on other stuff at the same time (productively, I hope!); but I sometimes also catch myself piecing together all sorts of amusing, troubling, seemingly important, etc thoughts and memories in more overt ways, which is usually at least interesting, if not sometimes frustrating.


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