Daily Archives: 28 September 2010

New Music

So, I see quite a few musicians along the sidebar of this blog, I clicked on Dengue Fever and am listening to their stream now. What else are you guys listening to lately (aside from Wilco, of course)? A sample of my recent heavy rotation is below, but I’ve been stuck on these guys for awhile. Looking for some new stuff.

– M.I.A – Both Kala and Arular. She and her producer pull together sounds that aren’t expected. Great beats.

– TV on the Radio – Some of their stuff is over dramatic or something, but much of Dear Science is quite good. And Wolf Like Me from “cookie mountain” (thanks Cerulean Blues for the mix disc a couple years ago including that one) is awesome

– The Silver Jews – Especially “American Water” (addicting, after a bit of time with it), but also “Starlite Walker” and even a bit of the silly, but catchy “Tanglewood Numbers”.  The Jews (Berman) pulls off some really catchy tunes with extremely silly lyrics. For a super serious dude who once tried to commit suicide using Crack, alcohol, and Xanax, it’s an intriguing catalog. Check out “Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed” (Aside, Blip.fm looks like a decent find)

– Pavement – I never listened to them in college, though that was their time. I started listening to them because of the Silver Jews (Malkmus was in the Jews, too). The volume of stuff they put out is impressive, but I’d say I only like half of it. That half is pretty damn good tho.

– Spoon

What’s on heavy ro for EMP’s writers and/or readers?