Huh? All Tomorrow’s (tea) Parties?

So, in my office at work I have a framed picture of the iconic Velvet Underground “Uptight” poster.  There’s a young guy, 22 perhaps, who works in the office and he reminds me of myself at that age: the only thing that matters is music, which he  consumes like food.  He’s always talking to me about this band or that band he just saw, most of whom I know nothing about.  But the kid has an excellent grasp of musical history, so he certainly is not confined to the present.  Last week, we both happened to find ourselves outside on a smoke break when he approached me and said, “Hey…you hear about Moe Tucker?”  I had heard nothing of note regarding VU’s drummer for some time and, fearing she had passed, breathlessly gasped, “No.  What?”  He casually replied, “She’s a Tea Partier.  The video went viral on You Tube.” 

I professed strong reservations and countered that the name Maureen Tucker is rather common and questioned whether THE Maureen Tucker was the one in the video.  Much of VU’s outlook could be categorized as Libertarian, but even that is a stretch.  It’s more nihlist than anything else.  However, upon observing the offending clip (and seeing her Wikipedia page now includes this information I’m somewhat at a loss for words.  The news clip of Tucker at the rally is linked above.  I had to watch it three times — it sure looks like her, but it just doesn’t make sense to me.  Wonder what Lou thinks of this.  Anyway, Moe comes into the story a little after the 2:30 mark.

5 thoughts on “Huh? All Tomorrow’s (tea) Parties?

  1. Peashoot

    Kick ass. Having banged her drum at the feet of Lou Highness all those years, Moe ought to know a dictator when she sees one.

  2. andykorki

    Go Mo! Wow. That is very interesting. I will say, that wikipedia isn’t exactly a trusted source. However, why would you think that just because she was part of VU and part of a music scene (30 years ago) you like, that she would also have the same political view points as you? How does Lou feel? Think “Sex With Your Parents”, very anti established government (along with a lot of other older VU tunes) which is what the Tea Party is partially about. Yes, in the song Lou remarks about my “beloved” Rush Limbaugh, but the jist of the song is that all of them (current politicians) are corrupt and evil. Not a far stretch to say that Lou and maybe Maureen (ok minus the gay bashing and pro religion is the only way to morality thought stream) might also be Tea Party members. Maybe she is just sharing her frustration with the current government? I certainly cannot fault her for that. And what was the context? We only saw a snippet…for all we know she could have been mocking them? My guess is the press will not enlighten us….who the hell is Maureen Tucker anyways????

  3. andykorki

    And if I can do a little more Wild Billy bashing…It was Nico who sang “All Tomorrow’s Parties”…..Sorry bud 🙂

  4. wildbillyscircusstory Post author

    Well, of course it was Nico who sang “All Tomorrow’s Parties”…but the title worked so well for the post. And, since you bring up misattributed/misinterpreted songs, I’m pretty sure that “Sex with your Parents” was not a shot at politicians generally but rather a shot directly across the Right’s hypocritical bow. And a well-placed one at that.

    I guess I was dumbfounded by Moe Tucker being at a Tea Party event more than anything else. It’s one thing to harbor sympathy for a movement, another thing entirely to put yourself out there and speak on its behalf. I can kind of see it…VU was never a “political” band and they truly divorced themselves from all things “ordered”, but I had a hard time with it. It’s not that I necessarily disagree with her, but I’m just kind of shocked by it. But then again, I guess what Mo does “After Hours” is her business…


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