R.I.P. Solomon Burke

R&B legend Solomon Burke passed over the weekend.  I love the man’s music.  A few years ago he emerged from his self-imposed retirement and released an album of songs written for him by those he influenced, including Dylan, Van Morrison, Elvis Costello, et. al.  He’s also the first one to have a hit with “Everybody Needs Somebody (To Love)” made popular for a new generation of fans by the Blues Brothers.  Here’s one of his early hits.

4 thoughts on “R.I.P. Solomon Burke

  1. wildbillyscircusstory Post author

    Wish I was going too. Maybe you can stay for more than an hour like you did at the Springsteen concert! HA! Let me know if Bobby gives a shout-out to Solomon. The name of the tune he wrote for Burke was “Stepchild”. Very bluesy.

  2. andykorki

    I made it…the whole show…He is an old man and finished by 9:30PM after a 1.5 hour show. “It’s a haaaaard, it’s a haaaard, it’s a haaaard rain a gonna fall” was sung literally “hard rain fall”. If i didn’t already know the words, I wouldn’t have understood anything he was trying to sing. Hats off to Springsteen who could at 60+ put on a hell of a show, Bobby can’t compete.

  3. andykorki

    Oops, sorry, no shout out. His only utterance to the crowd was “thank you” at the end of the show. It still was awesome to see him and even though Hard Rain left him a bit short on breath, Tangled Up In Blue was amazing!


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