Microslob Ad

As you may or may not know, Microsoft is about to make available their new phone…I like it, and I like the song (the Luna version is better though), and I thought it was an interesting choice…It’s gonna gain market share and kick a bit of Google ass which is good….

6 thoughts on “Microslob Ad

  1. wildbillyscircusstory

    Okay…Luna covered Donovan?!? What album? Why would this phone kick Google’s butt? And why is that a good thing?

  2. andykorki Post author

    The iPhone is challenged when it comes to being adopted by business and is or very shortly will be outnumbered by Android (Google) phones in terms of number of users.

  3. andykorki Post author

    Most don’t adopt it because they already have an armada of Windows machines and personell that are fluent with Windows. Moving to Apple would mean retraining or hiring new people. You have to remember that Apple was on the down and outs not too long ago, and when your running thousands of machines, switching the underlying operating system is extremely expensive. And what does it gain you? Not much other then to say your cool and you use Apple….but that doesn’t bring money to the table. It’s the same reason a lot of businesses are still using some form of UNIX even though Microsoft was in this position 10 years ago and was a consumer headliner in technology, business still lags. Given Apple’s consumer share now, I still doubt they will be better poised in a business arena a decade from now, especially with the economy as it is now. That argument also doesn’t even touch on the revival of client server computing (now called “cloud computing”) where Apple doesn’t even have a product on the server side of the equation.


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