Take this ‘vruck,’ please.

This ‘vruck’ (or if you like your portmanteaus with a side of heavy innuendo, ‘tran’) is the coolest vehicle I’ve ever seen. It’s clearly a Ford, but I haven’t a clue as to what model or year it is. I think it says “Econoline” on the driver’s door.  That’s on all kinds of vans, isn’t it? What does that mean anyway? If ever I make enough dough to buy another truck (or vruck, in this case), I’ll be on the lookout for one of these. But what is it?

5 thoughts on “Take this ‘vruck,’ please.

  1. peashoot Post author

    Yes! Thanks. VERY cool. Many of the images on Google show very fancy, tricked out models. In this picture [ http://1l2.us/bKy ] it looks like the steering wheel is in the middle, with a passenger seats on either side. Odd.

  2. andykorki

    Little A must have provided that answer…good call! If you would have let him take the keyboard he would have written that it also could have been a 1962 and the reason for the short shelf life….An integrated body pickup truck has inherent structural problems because of the way torsional forces non uniformally distort the body. You’ll note that most (I say most, not all because I’m sure there is at least one outlier, but I don’t know of any) subsequent pickup designs (even to this day) separate the bed from the cab, all because of this 61-62 Ford model.

  3. peashoot Post author

    Well, damn, very sorry to hear this. I am sorry to learn that coolness is trumped by torsional forces in the automotive industry!


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