3 thoughts on “Danish jazz

  1. peashoot Post author

    I loved it. It’s definitely one of my top five favorite cities. Very beautiful architecture and waterfront. I’d really like to explore more of Scandinavia. My impression of the city was augmented by a conference (and my talk) that went well, and and old friend whom I bumped into. Because of the former, I was able to enjoy the energy of the work and the company of colleagues (which is never a sure thing at academic conferences); because of the latter, because my friend was staying with his sister, who’s lived in Kobenhavn for ten years, during the little free time that I had, I got to hang out with some locals at places I wouldn’t have likely known about otherwise — cool cafes, galleries, pubs. I’d go back in an heartbeat.

    1. Scott

      Yes, that’s the best when you have a local connection in a place and can experience the city not so much as a tourist. Sounds great! Did you randomly run into the old friend, or planned to meet up? I’m always amazed by some of the random meetings with old friends in far-flung places that happen from time to time.


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