Daily Archives: 11 December 2010

Allman Brothers : Driving :: Feelies : Running

I’ve know about the first half of this analogy for years, probably since taking my first bona fide roadtrip in college. But I’ve only come to know about the second part of the analogy recently (in part, I suppose, because the activities that accompanied listening to the Allman Brothers while driving across the United States, activities that occupied much of my time for many years, do not lend themselves to cardiovascular activity). Toss in a snowy, powdery white Erie Canal to run along, and the mix is nearly magical. This morning the Feelies (“Crazy Rhythms” and “Let’s Go”) received stellar backing support from:

CVB – “I was Born in a Laundromat”

Wilco  – “One Wing” & “Misunderstood”

Dinosaur Jr. – “Whatever’s Cool with Me”

Method Man & Redman – “Cereal Killer”

Rolling Stones – “Rocks Off”