Expanding the Blogosphere

Peashooters, I’ve put together a couple of new blogs on specific topics of interest to me: Bars (and Bartenders) and World Travel (kind of).

The Bar one is meant to simply be a snapshot of places where I spend some time and of the bartenders that help make those places great. The “travel” one is something I’d like to build into a real site some day – a kind of community for people who maybe are stuck being tourists for now, but really want to immerse themselves in other places and cultures, and tell about their experiences while learning from others’ about where they can go and have a great local experience for awhile.

I figured out how to add the blogs to my single login, so it’s really easy to post here or to either of those. I’d love to have you Peashooters all become authors of these new blogs, and I’ll send you an invite.

In the meantime, please do enjoy:

3 thoughts on “Expanding the Blogosphere

  1. wildbillyscircusstory

    I’m booking a trip to Dublin so that I can cross-post on both these sites while only writing once. Just kidding, not going to Dublin (yet). Looks great Merse! Honored to have been asked to join.

  2. Scott Mersy Post author

    Wildbilly – send me the email address you use to post to this blog, and I’ll add you as an author on the two others. you can send to me at smersy at yahoo


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