Gil Scott-Heron

Legendary Gil Scott-Heron passed this Friday.  I won’t presume to recount his enormous influence since we are all aware of his impact.  A few months ago I heard an interview with him on NPR as he attempted a comeback, but he kind of slipped under my radar since then.  “I Think I’ll Call It Morning” is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard and possibly the most optimistic song he ever wrote:

I had not heard this song in years, but threw it on the record player when I read of his death today.  Oh, and here’s the obligatory “Whitey on the Moon”…

6 thoughts on “Gil Scott-Heron

  1. Peashoot

    Another musical soldier falls. What a great artist. I’ve many great memories of late nights that turned into early mornings partying to GSH. I wonder if he got royalties for all of the “revolution will not be televised” bites folks have taken out of him? Pouring out a forty for GSH, stamped it air mail special…

  2. Peashoot

    I can’t help but find it funny, or somehow evocative of your post-coital demeanor (not that I have a clue about what that might be like), in a Barry White sort of way, that you said “I Think I’ll Call It Morning” is “one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.” It’s just such a smooth and cocksure tune.

  3. andykorki

    Saw the news the other day, but didn’t realize he was the man behind Whitey On The Moon. Wow, I think last time I heard that was somewhere in Rogers Park. RIP.


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