All The Junk That’s Fit To Print

You know the economy is tanking when this guy is looking for work.  In other homelife news, in between preparing medical abstracts for an upcoming trial I received a call from the managers of Mac’s doggie-daycare facility.  They were quite upset inasmuch as the pooch has allegedly been tweeting pictures of his junk to Schnauzers.  While I agreed that such behavior surely merits some sanction and rebuke, I inquired why they weren’t focusing their efforts on restoring the fiscal health of the facility which is in dire straits.  I also mentioned that in addition to the two rows the dogs have been waging against feral cats for a near decade,  a new one with ill-defined objectives and without formal approval might be violative of the Dog Powers Act of 1973.  My inquiries were brushed aside as the manager assured me “junk-tweets” was all I was capable of understanding.

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