Wilco’s MassMoCA Backyard-a-palooza, 2.0

They’re baaaack – this weekend! This year Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival looks great, perhaps even sporting a better lineup than last year. I would love to attend one of these hootenannies someday, do a little camping, hang around some sculptures, and listen to great music.

As an aside: Can someone please explain to me why John Hodgman has such a prominent role in this event? His ubiquitous facetime and commentary in the media generally these days baffles me.

I reckon folks in North Adams this weekend will get a taste of Wilco’s eighth studio album, Get Well Soon Everybody (on their own label, dBpm), which is currently being mixed for release in September. Looking forward to that. Here’s Jeff Tweedy on a CBC talk show, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, playing a track from the forthcoming album, “Open Your Mind.”

I’d like to hear comments and reactions from the peashooting masses about this clip. All that I’ll say now is that I hope it’s actually electric on the album, and that the album throws some undulating vibrations at us, often from unexpected angles, like A Ghost is Born did. I miss that music.

2 thoughts on “Wilco’s MassMoCA Backyard-a-palooza, 2.0

  1. wildbillyscircusstory

    I enjoy acoustic Tweedy as much (and at times more) as I do Wilco. He did a solo show at Martyr’s a few years ago that ranks very highly on my list of all-time great shows. I have a bootleg of it somewhere around here, likely in a frightening large pile of CD’s I never got around to labeling. I was also at the Vic shows that form the basis of their Live in Chicago DVD. I’ve been meaning to pick that up for a long time. Maybe I’ll do that tonight.

  2. peashoot Post author

    I like Tweedy acoustic, too. But for me, when it comes to acoustic Tweedy vs. electric Wilco, I run into the same feeling that I get when I weigh acoustic Neil Young vs. electric Crazy Horse. I’ll take Crazy Horse nine out of ten times. What’s more, listening to Tweedy sing his earlier work (like the stuff on the DVD Sunken Treasure, and Woody Guthrie’s work, captures and holds my attention. The song I posted above doesn’t do much for me, musically, lyrically, or visually. Perhaps it’s the specs…a little too Clark Kentish for my vision of Wilcohood.


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