Daily Archives: 4 July 2011

Boycott Nike

Sigh.  Nike signed Michael Vick to an endorsement deal. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/01/michael-vick-nike-new-deal_n_888770.html  I believe everyone deserves a second chance in life, but something about this deal does not seem right.  Maybe I’m too emotional about this, but I know one fella that’s got my back.

Happy Fourth of July

As someone who works in an environment filled with all of those phony motivational posters, I take great delight in the hilarious de-motivational posters of countless email forwarding fame.  A buddy sent me this one in today’s honor:

For those of you who slept through that day of junior high history, remember Washington spent all of November/December 1776 retreating through New Jersey after surrendering New York to the British.  After re-grouping in Pennsylvania, Washington crossed the icy Delaware to attack the Hessians in New Jersey on Christmas.  It was a daring (some might say fool-hardy) offensive that gave the Americans a much-needed morale boost following the loss of New York.  My buddy Mike says if you have to explain the joke, it probably is not funny.  Well, I found this funny.  So there.

Didn’t Anyone Notice These Were Missing?

Holy Cow (pun very intended)!  In southern Kerala, India, investigators have found over twenty billion dollars of jewels and precious metals hidden in a vault at a Hindu shrine.  I’m sure our resident expert will provide background and posit theories on why this treasure remained hidden for so long, but I cannot even fathom what they recovered in the search.  Story here: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sns-rt-india-templetreasul3e7i40ic-20110704,0,3633258.story?page=1  The article makes it clear that an altruistic, well-meaning a lawyer sought a court order to search the vault.  I wonder if he/she charges the standard thirty-three percent contingency fee?  I want to know the final outcome of this story; I know how it would end here in America: protracted litigation.