Boycott Nike

Sigh.  Nike signed Michael Vick to an endorsement deal.  I believe everyone deserves a second chance in life, but something about this deal does not seem right.  Maybe I’m too emotional about this, but I know one fella that’s got my back.

1 thought on “Boycott Nike

  1. peashoot

    Okay, sure, I’m with you. This deal doesn’t feel right. Something about it smells of bullshit, just as all of the mumbo jumbo that was hurled at us this past season regarding Vick’s apparent conversion to uprightness stunk to high heaven. It was all so scripted and shallow. Vick’s new found religiosity also seemed like a lot of spam to me. I’ve heard that prison’s made many a man find God, but Vick did not bust out of the yard like Malcolm X, a changed man who’d come truly to see humanity in a new light (although in Vick’s case it should have been to see ‘caninity’ in a new light). He came out like Michael Vick – a stellar quarterback and all around amazing athlete. Good for him. Play on. But that we’re to believe he gave birth to a Christian conscience, too, smacks of pandering, plain and simple (to the Fox Network and it’s audience?). He is a money machine. So the Nike deal doesn’t surprise me. I don’t like it, probably for the same reasons you do not. [P.S. Hard to believe that Mac was ever that small!]


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