Didn’t Anyone Notice These Were Missing?

Holy Cow (pun very intended)!  In southern Kerala, India, investigators have found over twenty billion dollars of jewels and precious metals hidden in a vault at a Hindu shrine.  I’m sure our resident expert will provide background and posit theories on why this treasure remained hidden for so long, but I cannot even fathom what they recovered in the search.  Story here: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sns-rt-india-templetreasul3e7i40ic-20110704,0,3633258.story?page=1  The article makes it clear that an altruistic, well-meaning a lawyer sought a court order to search the vault.  I wonder if he/she charges the standard thirty-three percent contingency fee?  I want to know the final outcome of this story; I know how it would end here in America: protracted litigation.

1 thought on “Didn’t Anyone Notice These Were Missing?

  1. peashoot

    Thiruvananthapuram is something of a home away from home for me. I’ll be there later this year for a spell. I know the Padmanabhaswamy Temple well. It’s spectacular. I’m not surprised that the princely élites of Travancore had stashes of loads and loads of booty. But upwards around $20 billion?!?! Holy cow, indeed.


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