Happy Fourth of July

As someone who works in an environment filled with all of those phony motivational posters, I take great delight in the hilarious de-motivational posters of countless email forwarding fame.  A buddy sent me this one in today’s honor:

For those of you who slept through that day of junior high history, remember Washington spent all of November/December 1776 retreating through New Jersey after surrendering New York to the British.  After re-grouping in Pennsylvania, Washington crossed the icy Delaware to attack the Hessians in New Jersey on Christmas.  It was a daring (some might say fool-hardy) offensive that gave the Americans a much-needed morale boost following the loss of New York.  My buddy Mike says if you have to explain the joke, it probably is not funny.  Well, I found this funny.  So there.

1 thought on “Happy Fourth of July

  1. peashoot

    Thanks for the explanation. I needed it. American historical humor is not my forte, I guess. Besides, I’m still a student at the Henny Youngman School for One-liners [HYSO]. I do know, however, that humor does belong in music!


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