Tonight’s Post Brought To You By Ali Farka Toure

One of the best concerts I’ve ever seen: Ali Farka Toure at the Park West.  I think he’s possibly the greatest guitarist ever; I spent that entire show utterly shocked at his skill.  Anyway, I’m celebrating a hard fought trial victory, drinking beer and listening to some greatness that I thought I’d share. 

UPDATE:  Sigh. I apologize.  I guess this video won’t embed.  But it does direct you back to You Tube so if you click on the underlined portion it will play.  I apologize for my technological weakness.


2 thoughts on “Tonight’s Post Brought To You By Ali Farka Toure

  1. peashoot

    Congrats, Wildbilly! I know it was a hard-won battle, and I bet the beer tasted all that much sweeter last night for it. Yeah, Toure is pretty damn amazing. I’ve never seen him play live, but I’ve many good memories attached to his music. This is the first video I’ve seen of the guy, actually. Wow, incredible.


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