5 thoughts on “Here’s a funny from J.T.

  1. wildbillyscircusstory

    I completely agree – his SNL stints elevated my opinion of him. And I won’t say it’s great and I’ll run out and buy it, but his solo output is pretty listenable. Some of it is pretty good. Loved the video (the music from “The Karate Kid” was a nice touch).

  2. wildbillyscircusstory

    Oh, and my supervisor at work saw “Get Him to the Greek” last weekend. There was much discussion of all things Jeffrey.

  3. peashoot

    Yeah, he’s a good actor, especially comedy. He should stick with acting. I saw a bit of myself in JT’s skit in my shabby performance last night on the softball field! Ugh, that’s another story… While we’re on crossover singer-actors, I’ll add that Will Smith should stick with singing.

  4. wildbillyscircusstory

    Ah, forgot about the softball league – how’s the coach treating you? As for Will Smith, I liked him in “Enemy of the State”.

  5. peashoot

    Coach is treating me fine. He should bench my ass for how saddled with errors I’ve been. Playing in this league, I’m feeling the disconnect between my body and mind (and memory) that I recall my old man talking about a long time ago. I honestly thought that stepping on the field to play a competitive team sport, especially softball, would be a cinch, despite the twenty years or so that have elapsed since I last gave it a go. Truth is, many of my teammates have been playing for years, some decades, and play on multiple teams in multiple leagues. They’re way more serious than I bargained for, and the lack of humor, easy-goingness, and levity on the field and sidelines, all of which I had hoped for going into the league, is causing me to spend more time thinking about “my play” than I’d like.


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