8 thoughts on “With whom would you…

  1. andykorki

    1) Curie: Polish (fuck French who try to claim her) physicist who won a Nobel Prize, no need to say more.
    2) Dostoevsky: My brother.
    3) Ginsberg: Anti-military.

  2. Buck Cerulli

    Fyodor Dostoevsky: Seems like an intelligent guy, I suspect that the more we would discuss existence that I might find that much of the inferences that history has made of his work were only elucidated by history herself. Besides, who wouldn’t want to sit with the father of existentialism.

    Sigmund Freud: Times are hard right now, and I think I need the physcoanalysis. Something tells me that ferreting out the unconcsious mind might be a little like vacuuming the house. So many mental footprints and stains.

    Sappho: Just really want to hang with a denizen of the isle of Lesbos and be in the presence of a true Lesbian. I’d also like to introduce her to Free Verse.

  3. peashoot Post author

    Lou Salomé – oh, the stories she’d tell. A psychoanalyst by training, she had intimate relationships with (and wrote a few books about) some heavy hitters in western intellectual history: Paul Rée, Friedrich Nietzsche, F. Carl Andreas, Sigmund Freud, R.M. Rilke, and others.

    Billie Holiday – smoky, sultry siren, with, I’d like to imagine, a mesmerizing way of telling a story about many musicians I admire and the perils African Americans faced living in Jim Crow America; plus, I’d also like to think she’d have oodles more interesting and insightful yarns to spin about life on the horse than any other musician out there who’s tried to make sense of addiction.

    Sigmund Freud – his ideas are just so damn important to understanding how all of it — life — fits together, I’d hate to miss a chance to chat with this visionary.

    1. wildbillyscircusstory

      First and foremost, how the hell did Howard Cosell get on this list?

      As for my picks, Dostoevsky because of the Brothers K; I’ve never seen philosophy, religion and law debated so well, and all in one tome.

      Billie Holliday because of her supreme talent, her beauty and so I could ask her to sing “Autumn in New York” for me.

      I chose Ginsburg because of his proximity to so many other figures I’ve followed so closely at varying points in my life: the Beats, Dylan, etc. I’d just love to hear his stories.

  4. wildbillyscircusstory

    That’s hilarious because I actually contemplated the Cosell option due to the mere absurdity of it. But, I was never a fan of his so I went elsewhere with my vote. Had Henny Youngman been an option, he would receive all three of my votes. All three.

    1. Peashoot

      Henny Youngman would have been too easy. But I’d still like to hear your reason for wanting to rap with the guy.

  5. wildbillyscircusstory

    Well, of course Henny would not have been all three of my choices, though perhaps two. But need you ask this question? I’d dine with Mr. Youngman solely to inquire why “Take my wife…please!” is funny so that I might take copious notes and offer you a solemn dissertation!


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