Last One Across the Finish Line

Okay, it’s midnight and now officially September 1, 2011…which means I am now forty years old.  Ten years ago tonight someone approached me with a full glass of vodka to commemorate thirty calendar flips and it went downhill (an understatement) from there.  Thankfully, other than some vino, no insanity tonight.  And no blimps tomorrow, God willing.

Joining my elder brothers in a new decade of life and enormously pleased to still call them my best friends.  In recognition, please enjoy this clip of Mother McCree’s Uptown Jug Champions fromToronto in 1970.  Oh, they might have changed their name since then.  Ah, screw it…I’m road tripping to Oyster Boy starting now. I’ll take two raw Atlantic, two raw Pacific and fry up some of that good stuff too..and “I’ve been all night long coming home” ranks as one of the greatest music lines ever in my book. 

2 thoughts on “Last One Across the Finish Line

  1. peashoot

    HAPPY FORTIETH, Old Boy! Happy to see Jerry and the boys still resonate with you on such momentous occasions. You most certainly were not eased into thirty, as you say — actually, I recall a few full glasses of vodka. Glad to hear you’ve eased into this decade. Man, what I wouldn’t give for another long weekend in Toronto! Let’s not wait until we turn fifty for the next Oyster Boy repast.

  2. wildbillyscircusstory Post author

    I’ve been “eased” into forty more gently than thirty for sure…booking flight to Toronto – see you at Oyster Boy. I’ll be the unshaven miscreant in the back with a half-filled pint and a somewhat consumed plate of oysters….


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