“Anudinaṃ Keraḷaṃ” at The Little Theatre

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If you’re in the Rochester, NY area and looking for some good grub and photographs, stop by The Little Theatre Café between 17 September to 14 October, and check out the exhibit, “Kerala Divaanisham,” featuring photographs from Kerala, South India by A. Cerulli (including the selection of photos above).

2 thoughts on ““Anudinaṃ Keraḷaṃ” at The Little Theatre

  1. wildbillyscircusstory

    These are remarkable photographs. Do you know the owner of the cafe? How did you manage to exhibit these? I would like to hear that story. Will this be an on-going project or a limited engagement? Sorry, we lawyers are always full of questions. Congratulations, I hope people appreciate these photographs. My favorites are the elephant and the mango man.

    1. peashoot Post author

      Thanks, Wildbilly. I don’t know the owner of the café. I had to submit a dossier of photos and an artist’s statement to the gallery curator. I submitted last fall, I think. Turns out the curator is a studio arts professor at Monroe Community College (MCC) here in Rochester. She liked the work and booked my stuff for this September. She also asked me to hang some photos at MCC, which I did (actually, I think they were hanging when you and K were here for the Toronto trip). I’d never really thought about showing any of these photos before late-2009, even though I have a pretty huge archive of images both for research and non-research related use. In 2009 a colleague in Political Science, a colleague in Economics, and I started a South Asia Speaker Series at work, and we were looking for the most non-dry format (read: non-lecture) to attract students to the kickoff event of the 2010 spring semester. So I framed about 25 of my photos and hung them in a building on campus. We had some free Indian food (always a good draw) the opening night, and brought in maybe 50-60 students and faculty. I was very surprised. I really enjoyed setting it up. I also enjoyed talking with folks about the stories behind the photos, some of which have to do with my research and some of which do not. It was a very interesting and new angle to my work, and I guess my submission to the Little Theatre was an attempt to try to cultivate it. We’ll see how it goes. If it’s still enjoyable, I might try some other places and other things; I’ve met a few artists around here who work on South Asian-related themes, so perhaps there’s a group show somewhere in the works. In any event, I plan to devote some time on photography when I’m in the field in India this winter (I’ve never done that before). I’m happy you like the photos — come out to ROC and see them all!


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