The darlings of Letterman return

And they showed up ready to play, they did. Did you happen to catch ’em? If not, here they are playing “Born Alone.”

Their sound is mighty tight. This one has an especially bouncy, catchy, poppy feel to it that I like. And Tweedy’s lyrics are better than ever. Get the melody going in your head, then read (or hum) the opening stanza – so very, very smooth, it is:

I have heard the wall and worry of the gospel
Ferry fast across the void
I have married broken spoke charging smoke wheels
Spit and swallowed opioid

And here are some scrawlings from the wordsmith himself, which offer a bit of insight into how he went about writing “Born Alone.”









And finally, here’s an instrumental teaser showcasing the adroitness of Nels and Glen, called “Almost” (the last minute or two from the song, “The Art of Almost,” I think), which they apparently used to build up anticipation for the album, The Whole Love. If anybody out there in EMP-land has heard the whole album, please submit your comments to the blog. Would love to hear how The Whole Love hangs together.

3 thoughts on “The darlings of Letterman return

  1. wildbillyscircusstory

    This sounds great, thanks for posting. I haven’t heard anything off the new album yet because I do not listen to XRT anymore and no other Chicago station would likely play it. They have a December gig lined up at the Vic Theater and tickets are impossible. Good to see the boys still got it.

  2. Mundohood (@Mundohood)

    I’ve been away way too long! A few things: 1) There are a number of great songs on this album, including some from the Deluxe version only. The version I sent you was given to me and not “locked” to iTunes, but I bought the Deluxe on iTunes 2) The 12-minute “One Sunday Morning” has me hooked. I also love “The Whole Love”, “Art of Almost” and “Born Alone” 3) There are other good songs, but, as is usually the case with Wilco (for me), it takes awhile to ease into them and appreciate them 4) @johnv turned me on to RDIO ( – Chose it because the web app is better (over Spotify – but you can use Spotify for free on the desktop app only – can’t take it mobile) and I subscribed. It’s $10 per month or about the cost of 12 albums a year and pretty much all newer music. Been enjoying it and finding lots of good new music along the way. Checking out some of the albums I’ve heard are good and liking a lot, tossing aside others. Good way to get more music. If you sign up, let me know. 5) Check out MetaCritic – Kind of RottenTomatoes for Music –

    Also, I got tix for the San Francisco and Oakland Wilco shows in January here. Tony, if you still haven’t been to a concert of theirs, it’s about time…

    1. Peashoot

      The new album is fast growing on me. I really like Dawned on Me, Born Alone, Standing O, and Art of Almost. I like several of the others, too, but the specific titles aren’t jumping to mind right now. Haven’t heard the bonus cuts yet but want to. As far seeing Wilco, it’s still not in my cards, as much as I’d like to. I was really hoping they’d be stopping over in ROC, but that’s not on the schedule.


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