More Wilco and the Music Spectrum


Peashoot’s post on the Replacements cover (with Tommy Stinson, no less) got me spending the morning on Youtube. I found a boatload of covers they’ve done recently. Many of them with other musicians sitting in. Please do enjoy…

1. Friend of the Devil (The Dead) with Bob Weir

2. Cut your Hair (Pavement) from Solid Sound

3. Who Loves the Sun (Velvet Underground)

4. The Weight (The Band) – Bob Dylan invited Tweedy and others up to cover it

5. Versatile with Daft Punk’s get lucky

6. Tweedy covering Black Eyed Peas – really funny throughout

1 thought on “More Wilco and the Music Spectrum

  1. peashoot

    Love the Black Eyed Peas cover! Hilarious. It’s a bit strange to see old Bob behind the keyboard. I know he plays the piano on several songs, but still. It looks odd. I’d like to see some more VU covers from these guys. You know Nels could grind out that White Light/White Heat distortion as well as anybody could.


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