Miss Bumbum, Ronaldo, Manaus – Go USA!

Reading Portuguese has some advantages … and disadvantages. Some of both in finding this “news story” about how Brasil’s “Miss Bumbum” (Miss Butt or Ass, if you will. Yes, Brasil has a Miss Ass) has been stalking Cristiano Ronaldo and all the lamentations about how Portugal could go down to defeat against the USA. Turns out the story was derived from the Daily Mail, so maybe I could’ve found it in English, instead. Anyway, let’s hope the bumbum or the bum knee helps the USA win and clinch a spot in the knockout round!

cristiano ronaldo daily email

“He is being chased by Miss Butt, is nursing a sore knee, and now Klinsmann ordered the U.S. team to put him in his place. Can Cristiano Ronaldo  actually save the dream of Portugal in the World Cup?”‘ asks the Daily Mail.

Also, if you’re not yet familiar with the craziness of building a stadium in Manaus, for what is likely only 4 World Cup games, read this story in the Guardian. Ever since I saw Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” and he was boating up the Amazon and suddenly a large city popped up (here’s the closest image I could find to this) … Behind the Scenes in Brazil photo - 4

… I’ve wanted to take a trip to the region, but I wouldn’t want to by one of the players today in the humidity.

Hopefully, the evening start helps. Manaus story, excerpt from the Guardian, below:

Of all the 12 stadiums hosting Brazil’s World Cup, Arena Amazônia in Manaus has been by far the most controversial. Even aside from the much-discussed inclement weather in the region – with levels of 80% humidity in June – the logistics of building a stadium on an urban island in the rainforest required planning that would have deterred Fitzcarraldo. Instead of dragging a steamer over a mountain, tonnes of stainless steel were shipped across the Atlantic from Portugal and down Amazonian tributaries. By the time the stadium was built, $300m had been spent and three construction workers had died, for a stadium where only four World Cup games will be held. Underlining the extravagance of the project, a stadium had, in fact, already existed in Manaus, but it was torn down in order to meet Fifa’s regulations.

Arena Amazônia

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