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5200 Naked Peeps – all for art

Why am I always the last to know?

Did you guys know about this?

Would you have participated?

VIDEO: Mardi Gras: The Base.

You’ll have to follow the link for video.  I tried to embed a YouTube video but YouTube doesn’t allow for frontal nudity for the public.  You have to sign in to see it all.

Please Note when watching: “Along Came Polly”  Hank Azaria, Claude the snorkeling instructor –  ” it’s like zee story of zee hippo.”

Dreamtime, à la Claes Oldenberg

Lately I’ve been dreaming with disproportionate perception. Here’s a snap I captured from my dreamtime wanderings last night, when I viewed the world of objects like I imagine Claes Oldenberg does.

[The image is actually a photo of Giancarlo Neri’s “The Writer,” which sat for several months at Hampstead Heath park in London. It was perhaps my favorite place to hang out during my stay there in 2008. Click on the image to enlarge – it’s much better bigger.]