Based on a recent email exchange between several authors of EMP I would like to come back from the dead with a new posting.  My apologies for being absent….home life turmoil including my wonderful toddler, my just as wonderful wife getting a new job, me going through a couple re-orgs at work, and us trying to sell our house has made a very hectic past year.  Backstrap?  What is it?  Well according to according to my boss (the hunter) it is the cut of meat that runs along the top side of the spine.  Often confused with the tenderloin (filet mignon) that runs on the inside of the spine.  As the hunter put it, “If I were standing in front of you and you took a knife and gutted me, the tenderloin wood be all the meat attached to the spine facing you.  If you turned me around so my back was facing you, all the meat on the topside of the spine would be the backstrap.”  He wasn’t sure if humans have a tenderloin and backstrap, but based on the fact that he has gutted oh so many deer in his garage (and his vegan wife apparently has no issues with this), he assured me that deer, cow, pig, etc. all have a tenderloin.

Maybe these guys are trying the find the backstrap?

After spending some time googling the topic, it appears that backstrap is associated more with venison, but could also mean something completely different….here is the number two image returned from google:

So in the end, I’m not entirely sure what backstrap really is!

I have to be honest, I haven’t read any posts on EMP in a very long time, but I plan on jumping back in.  See you all around soon!

4 thoughts on “Backstrap

  1. peashoot

    Welcome back! While I feel partially responsible for this post, I am at a loss to articulate the odd feeling and thoughts that arise from the contrast of these two pictures.

    What do you suppose the guys gutting the deer felt was so special that they needed to place it on the paper plate once they extracted it from the deer?

  2. andykorki Post author

    Hmmm, the spleen? Hmmm, no, my guess (after hearing stories ad infinitum from people at work) is that they just were playing with the the dead body of the dear, and fucked up by not bleeding it right away. They should have hanged it and bled it right away. Idiots!


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