Duke Energy

So on my way to work on Thursday I heard a little blurb on NPR about the new laws in NC mandating that energy companies get at least 10% of their energy from renewable sources. One of the sources outlined as “renewable” was biomass. According to the political definition this includes trees in general and the waste that is produced while cutting them down. So Duke Energy in their infinite wisdom has announced that they will begin clear cutting a vast amount of the trees on the properties they own so they can say they are using renewable resources. Why? Well they said that currently all the byproducts from the lumber industry in NC would not be sufficient to produce enough tree waste (biomass) to get them to their 10% mark. Hmmm, and how long will it take for those trees to grow back? Renewable? huh???

1 thought on “Duke Energy

  1. Ant Cer

    In the process of releasing Paul Bunyan to swing his ax across NC, how much CO2 will be released into the atmosphere that would have been taken in by the fallen trees were they still standing? And how much O2 will not be released into the atmosphere by the stands and stands of trees that Duke Energy opted to fell? It seems there ought to be a law against such wrong-headed thinking.


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